ERHA:east region hockey association

FOREWORD from the President of ERHA

I am now into my second and final year as President of the East Region Hockey Association and wow it is going to be a busy year! I really hope that we can get to play plenty of hockey and that the hard work of the league committee, umpires and match officials can be recognised along side that of the coaches, managers, and players.

I would like to really celebrate and appreciate the work of all our volunteers in this year- our last year of the East as we know it after a successful AGM Proposal vote at the England Hockey AGM. The role of the volunteers will be essential to the development of Hockey the eight new areas and we must appreciate the time given by, and thank the subcommittee for the work that they have committed to, on behalf of East Hockey.

It seems as if everything is changing for this season - at the moment indoor looks unlikely and we do not know how much of the junior hockey will be played across the region, but I want to wish you a happy and healthy season and that you all keep safe in pursuit of the game we love.

I wish to thank all the East Board members and the members of all the committees that report to the East Board for all their commitment, time and expertise to make playing hockey possible.

Loraine Bant.


The structure, policies, and procedures of the Association are set out in the Constitution, which is published annually in the East Handbook. The text of the current edition of the Constitution can be found here.

Young Player Policies
Two policies are appended to the Constitution: the ERHA U13 Policy on young players in senior competition matches and the ERHA Good Practice and Child Protection Policy, setting out guidelines for Clubs and County Associations. Copies are here.

Peggy Nisbet Award
Peggy was heavily involved in Youth Hockey in East Region (as well as Essex) and left a legacy to be distributed by way of award to any young person (up to U18) in the hockey family that may look for help to develop their hockey career. An application form is available here with applications being invited between 1st December and 31st December 2015, which should initially be forwarded to your County Administrator. Thereafter applications should be made between 1st November and 30th November each year. For any additional information please contact the East Region Performance Director.

The Association is subject to the control of its constituent members through General Meetings, primarily the Annual General Meeting held each summer. Details of General Meeting procedures and voting rights can be found in the Constitution. Information on the most recent AGM and the next AGM can be found here.

The Association is managed by a Management Committee of the Officers of the Association, the Chairmen of Committees, activity Directors, and representatives from County Hockey Associations and EHB East. Follow Committee and Association links for more details.


The East Mens League and the East Women's Regional Leagues feed into the national EHB Conference Leagues. Five County Women's Leagues feed into the East Womens League: Essex, FiveCounties, Kent, Norfolk, and Suffolk.

Other Senior Competitions
East Indoor competitions take place in December each year, comprising the East Indoor Championships and feeders for national EHB Indoor. Representative Men's and Women's Masters teams are developed in spring each year to play in EHB Regional Tournaments.

Youth Competitions
The East Youth Competitions Committee coordinates county competition activities, and directly manages regional youth competitions, including Club and School Indoor, the East rounds of the National Schools Outdoor, JAC Competitions, and In2Hockey for Clubs and Schools.

EHB Disciplinary and Disrepute processes are managed by the County and Regional Disciplinary Administrators, contact details for whom can be found via Management Committee and County Association links. The East Leagues also apply disciplinary penalties for yellow cards. Regional disciplinary appeals are the responsibilty of the East Appeals Committee.